Summer Pies

Serve approx. 8

Strawberry balsamic

Salted honey lavender

Blueberry basil

Peach paprika

Blueberry blackberry with rye crust

Chamomile buttermilk

Lemon chess


Celebration Cakes

8 inch, serves 18-20


6 inch, serves 8-10

Sesame carrot cake
cream cheese frosting, sesame brittle, crystallized ginger

Neapolitan funfetti
alternating chocolate and funfetti layers, strawberry, vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate ganache drip

Vanilla rosemary cake
lemon curd, blackberry buttercream

Chocolate cake
raspberry, earl grey buttercream

Vanilla rose cake
raspberry, champagne buttercream, white chocolate drip

Lemon cake
blueberry basil compote, vanilla bean buttercream